How to Schedule Posts on Instagram

The first step to schedule your posts on Instagram is creating a profile for your business. This is for using the scheduled posts. In case you already have an existing account on Instagram, you need to check the settings and then covert it to business profile. The business account will enable you to enjoy other benefits apart from scheduling. You are able to have an access to features which include Instagram insights. This is a tool that notifies you when your audience is online together with their gender, location and age. You also get the benefit of adding a button for contact on your profile. You can visit this company to get more details.

The second step to scheduling your Instagram posts is to make sure your Instagram is added to management platform for social media. You will have to use management platform for social medial if you wish to schedule your posts. In case you lack an access to the platform for social media management, you will be required to have one. After selecting the platform, you will then be required to follow instructions that come along with adding an account on Instagram. 

The third step is to make a good plan of your posts that you want to schedule for Instagram. You will need to have your feed planned well. This will prevent your feed from looking repetitive or plain. Your profile will have variety when you plan your feed well. You will be able to view the general plan for the information and see if there is any need for change. This will keep your account engaging since there is no content that is being posted repeatedly.

The next step after planning your feed is creating the posts. You need to be sure that the images you want to post match the feel and look of your company. It is helpful in building a better brand that is consistent on your Instagram profile. Posting products on your feed is a great chance for your followers to get the feel and look of your business products. You have the flexibility to post different things on the account. This includes images of customers using the items. Check out more at

Finally, you do scheduling of your posts after planning. You will have to figure out the most suitable time for reaching your customers. You should know the time they are more likely to view your posts. This will enable them to interact well with your posts. You can use the help of Instagram analytics in determining the time they are likely to view your posts. You can also use the help of Sked Social which is an Instagram application that helps in scheduling posts. Check out more here:

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